PE and Sport Premium

The Primary PE and Sport Premium was introduced in March 2013 to improve the provision of physical education and school sport in primary schools across England. The funding is allocated directly to primary schools and is ring-fenced. This means it may only be spent on improving the provision of PE and sport in schools. 

The premium must be spent by schools on making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

The Government requires all schools to publish details of how the funding was spent and the impact that spending in the areas the school identified has had.

2018-19 PE And Sport Premium Funding Report

In 2018-19 St Alfege with St Peter's received £17,770 in PE and Sport Premium Funding which was used in the following ways:



£2,325 was spent on swimming lessons once a week for Year 5 children at Wavelengths Leisure Centre. 

Impact: For a number of children at St Alfege, these swimming lessons may be their first experience of being in the water and is a great opportunity to develop their confidence in the water. Other pupils have continued lessons outside school in order to develop their swimming skills further. Providing swimming lessons has ensured all children have the same opportunities. 

At the end of Year 6:

  • 86% of pupils were able to confidently and competently swim a distance of 25 metres or more.
  • 70% of pupils were able to use a range of strokes effectively
  • 17% of pupils were able to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations


External Sports Coaches

£13,300 was spent on sports coaches whose role was to provide support and training to class teachers, enabling them to be able to deliver quality PE lessons. Our class teachers are not specialists when it comes to teaching PE, as such being able to observe experienced coaches deliver high quality lessons gave class teachers the skills and confidence they needed to deliver great lessons.

The sports coaches were also able to deliver regular lunchtime clubs and after school football clubs 

Impact: The external sports coaches have had a very big impact on the school. They have raised the profile of PE and healthy living within the school, providing good quality coaching, equipping the children with fundamental skills which can be applied across a variety of sports. They have introduced competition within the classes and within the school through lunch-time games. As positive role models, they have become an essential part of the school family. They have taken individual children for mentoring, using sports as a tool to access all areas of the curriculum. The success of the individual mentoring from the coach has led to the establishment of a weekly club called Active Ambassadors where 12 children from Key Stage 2 have been selected to improve their self-esteem and ability to make healthy life-style choices.

Teachers have been able to draw on the skills of the sports coaches to improve their own teaching. Through the coaches and the Chris Quigley Essentials programme, a curriculum is being developed to ensure that there is sustained progression in the children's PE skills across the school.


PE Kit

£50 was spent on purchasing spare PE kit.

Impact: All children are able to take part in PE lessons even if they forget or because their families do not have the financial means to purchase additional kit.


Sports Day

£200 was spent on sports day at Greenwich Park

Impact: As our local park, this was an ideal opportunity to give many of our more disadvantaged children access to a green space where they are able to be active. Additional equipment was purchased so that team games could be organised. All children were able to participate at a level that suited their individual needs. The day was very well-attended by our parents and many of them competed in the adults walking relay race. This provided a excellent opportunity for children to see their parents active. 


Trim Trail

£1500 was on developing a trim trail in our EYFS area.

Impact: Children across the school are able to develop their balance and co-ordination and provide a more low-impact form of exercise. The trim trail has been of particular benefit for our children who need develop their gross motor skills.



Sport Premium Funding in 2019-2020

In 2019-20 we have been allocated £17,750. Following a review of the previous year's funding and subject to approval from our Governing Board, we are proposing to allocate funds to the following areas:

  • Sports Coach - Due to changes in teaching staff we will continue to ensure teaching of PE is of a high standard by providing each class with a three half terms of sports coaching
  • PE Scheme of Work - to support the above, we will invest in a new PE Scheme of Work  
  • Swimming - we will continue to send our Year 5 pupils swimming once a week
  • Lunch time equipment - we will invest in new lunchtime equipment to ensure children are able to be fully active during this period of the school day
  • New PE equipment - to ensure PE lessons are able to be delivered effectively we will purchase equipment to support athletics and team games
  • CPD - we will invest in training for staff to be able to confidently and competently use PE apparatus
  • Intra-school and local inter-school competitions  - to encourage children to take part in competitive sports
  • Afterschool clubs - subsidise a range of clubs which introduce children to different sports 
  • Development of PE Lead - this will help to ensure the PE is well-led throughout the school