Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs Wilson
Deputy Headteacher  Mrs Harris
Assistant Headteacher Mrs Simpson
KS2 Phase Leader Ms Kinder
KS1 Phase Leader Mrs Chapman
School Business Manager Miss Smith

 Class Teachers

Nursery Mrs Simpson and Ms Newton
Reception Mrs Chapman
Year 1 Miss Grace
Year 2 Miss Manning
Year 3 Mrs Hannah
Year 4 Miss Cordrey
Year 5 Ms Kinder
Year 6 Miss Wade  
Non classed-based teaching staff

Mrs Smith

Miss Jenner

Miss Webb

Maternity Leave

Mrs Harris

Enrichment Teachers

Miss Garcia/Ms Newton - MFL

Miss Denby – Dance

Mr Domigue – Brass

Miss Emanuel – Music

 Class-based Support Staff

Ms Anderson Miss Buckingham
Miss Pacheco Garcia Miss Hulcup (EYP)
Miss Clark (SEMH Worker) Mrs Nelson
Miss Page Miss Oliver
Miss Sudds Miss Teagle (EYP)
Miss Hills Mr Evans

 Non Class-based Staff

School Business Manager Miss Smith
Premises Manager Mr Baker
School Administration Assistant Ms Jones-Palmer
Premises Assistant Mr Torres Alvares
Clubs Manager Miss Page
PE Coach

Mr Cameron

 Mid-day Meals Supervisors

Senior Mid-day Meals Supervisor Mrs Nelson
Mid-day Meal Supervisors

Miss Buckingham

Miss Page

Miss Sudds

Miss Martin

Miss Buckingham

Miss Quelch

Miss Grant

 Auxillary Staff

School Kitchen Staff

Mrs Ojemakinde

Ms Akinsanya

Mrs Dunn

Ms Saville

School Cleaners

Ms Anderson

Ms Reid

Mr Torres Alvares

School Crossing Patrol Mr Tucker