Religious Education

As a Church school and part of the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE) we promote that:

Religious Education (RE) is not just an academic subject, but, lies at the very heart of the curriculum and has an important role in reflecting and conveying the distinctively Christian character of the school’ (SDBE website).

Aims of Religious Education

At St. Alfege with St. Peter’s, Religious Education is a distinct area of the curriculum.  Through our Religious Education, linked with our school vision and mission and the underlying Gospel values, we aim to enable pupils:

  • To acquire and develop a knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and other world faiths;

  • To develop the ability to make reasoned and informed responses to religious and moral issues with reference to the teachings of Christianity;
  • To develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals and the wider community and to reflect upon their beliefs, values and experiences


Religious Education Policy


The Religious Education curriculum

We follow the Southwark Diocese Board of Education's (SDBE) RE syllabus and schemes of work. Our RE curriculum ensures that teachers deliver a curriculum where RE is seen as an integral part of our curriculum and is taught with the same level of importance as the National Curriculum core subjects and reflects the two attainment targets – Learning About Religion (AT1) and Learning From Religion (AT2). By following these targets we ensure that as a school that we develop the skills, understanding and knowledge that pupils at different stages of their learning at our school are expected to have.

Through high quality teaching and delivery of RE, the pupils of St Alfege with St Peter’s C of E Primary School feel inspired and recognise that they have opportunities to explore their own and others' religious, spiritual and philosophical beliefs and cultural traditions in a positive and constructive way showing respect for all faiths.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, RE is taught under the area of ‘knowledge and understanding of the world’.

At Key Stage 1 one hour per week is allocated to RE and at Key Stage 2, 1.25 hours per week and this also includes the opportunity to share views and faith.


  RE Curriculum Map 2018-2019


Religious Education Around Our School

As a school we believe that a colourful and stimulating environment is important.  RE displays are a reflection of the high quality of work that each year group cover and a celebration of what they have learnt. Each class has a reflection area, allowing them the opportunity for quiet reflection and prayer throughout the day. Our school's values are creatively and proudly displayed in our school hall and are a focal point for Collective Worship.


Collective Worship

We recognise that God is at the heart of our school as such collective worship has a high priority in the life of our school. 

At St. Alfege with St. Peter’s worship is an integral and highly valued act and is at the heart of our school community and one that has an important impact for staff and pupils both in school and also in their daily lives beyond the school day. 

The whole school gathers together every day to join in prayer and reflection. Worship is varied and diverse in its delivery and is regularly led by teachers, the clergy as well as the children themselves who lead class assemblies in the Spring term.

Our worship echoes the fundamental teachings of the Anglican Church and is planned in line with the church year, providing opportunities for children to engage in Christian celebrations and events as well as acknowledging and learning about the celebrations and events of other world religions.

Each half term, we focus on one of our school’s values of: Cooperation, Courage, Love, Kindness, Hope, Thankfulness, Respect, Perseverance, Honesty, Forgiveness, Service to Others and Trust. Children learn about each value, look at how Jesus demonstrated the specific value and consider how they can live out this value in their own lives.

At St Alfege’s we greatly appreciate the strong relationship we have with St Alfege’s Church. Children regularly visit the church to enhance their learning and understanding of the Christian Faith. In addition, the school children lead regular services at the church including at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Once a month, children prepare and lead their own worship in the form of a Family Service where parents, friends and parish are invited to join them. 


St. Alfege with St. Peter’s Collective Worship provides everyone with the opportunity to:

╬ express praise and thanksgiving to God

╬ reflect on the attributes of God

╬ reflect on the teachings of Christ

╬ affirm Christian values and attitudes

╬ share each other’s joys and challenges

╬ celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

╬ foster respect and unity, deepen spiritual awareness


Values - 1

Values - 2