We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • become fluent mathematicians
  • can reason mathematically
  • can solve problems

At St Alfege we use the White Rose schemes of learning to deliver the maths curriculum.

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

The children follow the ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’ approach to build competency when introduced to a new concept.


Children have the opportunity to use concrete objects and manipulatives (e.g. Numicon, Base 10, Place Value Counters, Bead Strings) to help them understand what they are doing.


Children use pictorial/visual representations of the concrete objects


Children use symbols

For Example: 6 + 5









 6 + 5 = 6 + 4 + 1 = 10 + 1 = 11









Children are also given the opportunity to reason and solve problems within their lessons.



Learning Platforms

We use two platforms to support the children’s maths learning. 

NumBots is used by children in KS1 to boost their addition and subtraction skills. 



Timestable Rockstars is used by children in KS2 to practise their times tables.