Christian Distinctiveness



To Dream, Strive, Achieve, Celebrate with God as our Guide


‘For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37



St Alfege with St Peter's has proudly served the community of Greenwich for over 150 years. 

As a school we are committed to providing the highest quality of education possible for all in an environment that enables children to thrive. Our aim is to enable our children to develop high aspirations and celebrate their God-given uniqueness. We endeavour to work in partnership with parents, carers and those within our local community to create a school known for its diversity, educational excellence, creativity and love for all.


Our History

Our school is situated close to the centre of Greenwich, near the Cutty Sark.

The original school was called St Peter's School and was adjoined to St Peter's Church.  The main school building dates from 1860 and has been listed by English Heritage as being of historic and architectural interest. The saints in our school name are associated with the history of Greenwich.

Saint Alfege was a much loved and revered Archbishop of Canterbury, who in 1012 was abducted and murdered by invading Danes on the site of St Alfege Church.  St Peter’s Church was damaged by a bomb in the second world war and subsequently demolished.  In 1951 the parish of St Alfege and St Peter were formerly united. The school changed its name from St Peter's School to St Alfege with St Peter's Church of England Primary School on 24 April 1972.


You can read more about Saint Alfege here.


Our Vision

Our Vision is To Dream, Strive, Achieve, Celebrate with God as our Guide. This underpins all that we do and is the thread that runs through all aspects of school life. We want all members of our school community to know and understand what our vision means and how they can contribute towards ensuring it is achieved.

We aim to enable our children to develop high aspirations and celebrate their God-given uniqueness.

As a Church of England school our Christian Distinctiveness means that the support and guidance we provide is based on Biblical Principles and this should be at the heart of everything we do.

We have 6 values which help to reinforce all that we aim for as a school community. These values, although not distinctively Christian, are referenced throughout the Bible. This allows us to use Biblical examples to enable our children to gain a deeper understanding of our core values.


St Alfege Church

We are proud to be a Church of England school and value our links with St Alfege Church and the Southwark Diocese.  Children experience Christian worship as part of everyday life at St Alfege School.  

Reverend Simon Winn, the Vicar at St Alfege Church, leads collective worship at our school every week as well as church services linked to the Anglican calendar. He is also on hand to provide pastoral support to members of our school community.

The congregation at St Alfege support the school through volunteering on our governing board, fundraising and praying for us regularly.


Collective Worship

We recognise that God is at the heart of our school as such collective worship has a high priority in the life of our school. 

At St. Alfege with St. Peter’s worship is an integral and highly valued act and is at the heart of our school community and one that has an important impact for staff and pupils both in school and also in their daily lives beyond the school day. 

The whole school gathers together every day to join in prayer and reflection. Worship is varied and diverse in its delivery and is regularly led by teachers, the clergy as well as the children themselves who lead class assemblies in the Spring term.

Our worship echoes the fundamental teachings of the Anglican Church and is planned in line with the church year, providing opportunities for children to engage in Christian celebrations and events as well as acknowledging and learning about the celebrations and events of other world religions.

Each half term, we focus on one of our school’s values of: Cooperation, Courage, Love, Kindness, Hope, Thankfulness, Respect, Perseverance, Honesty, Forgiveness, Service to Others and Trust. Children learn about each value, look at how Jesus demonstrated the specific value and consider how they can live out this value in their own lives.

At St Alfege’s we greatly appreciate the strong relationship we have with St Alfege’s Church. Children regularly visit the church to enhance their learning and understanding of the Christian Faith. In addition, the school children lead regular services at the church including at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Once a month, children prepare and lead their own worship in the form of a Family Service where parents, friends and parish are invited to join them. 


St. Alfege with St. Peter’s Collective Worship provides everyone with the opportunity to:

╬ express praise and thanksgiving to God

╬ reflect on the attributes of God

╬ reflect on the teachings of Christ

╬ affirm Christian values and attitudes

╬ share each other’s joys and challenges

╬ celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

╬ foster respect and unity, deepen spiritual awareness


Religious Education 

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