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A trip to Paris with Miss Garcia


Bonjour les amis! Who is ready for our second trip? Today, we are heading to Paris! Also called The City of…? I wonder if you can tell me in which country and continent, we can find Paris in? And, what language do you think they speak in Paris? Just like London, Paris is divided by a river. Can you find out its name?


This time we will be travelling by train, how exciting!

But this is no ordinary train; it is an UNDERWATER TRAIN!! Yes, you heard me well. It is called the Eurostar, which departs from St Pancras station in London and arrives at Gare Du Nord station in Paris and crosses The English Channel, a narrow arm of the Atlantic Ocean which separates these two countries, through an underwater tunnel. WOW!




Also, I need your help to decide which trains we should board so we can maximize our time in Paris. Can you work out by looking at this timetable which trains would be better suited for us? Can you find a direct train to Paris? Check the timetable below:

Ok! Thank you for your help 😊 Now that we are all sorted check out our whole journey here and don’t forget your tickets and passports!


We arrived in Paris, yaaaaayyy!

Ok so now that we are here, I need your help again. Can you please start a travel journal at home where we can write down the most interesting facts about our trip please? All the interesting facts you need to find out and write will be written in green from now on. Let’s begin our visit then!

First stop is …… The Eiffel Tower!! Can you find out in which year was the tower built and how tall it is? And what other name do they give to this tower? It would be great to keep in our travel journal. PS: You can always draw a picture of the places we visit in your journal 😊

Let’s go in! Remember to drag the image to have a 360 view:



What a sight! I loved the view of Paris from the top of the tower. Now let’s go to our second location, Notre Dame Cathedral. Can you annotate what the name of the bell in the south tower is and how much does it weigh? Also, what’s your favourite fact about this cathedral? Don’t forget to drag the image for a full view:


Who is feeling hungry now?

After all that visiting, we need to recharge our energy. France is famous for a lot of things and one of them is FOOD!

Have you ever eaten a croissant?

Yep, French people invented it.

How about a pain au chocolat?

Yep, French people invented it too!


What would you like to have? Sooooo difficult to choose:


Now we are ready for our last stop……Disneyland Paris!!

What is your favourite Disney movie? And your favourite character? Don’t forget to include pictures 😊Come on, what are you waiting for? Let’s get on the rides!!




Frozen Ever After ride

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Peter Pan’s flying ride     

Indiana Jones ride          

Alice in Wonderland ride

The Little Mermaid adventure

It’s a small world ride     


That was amazing!! I am feeling tired now after such a fantastic day, so I think it’s time to head back the station to catch our train back to London. Which one did you say we needed to catch again? Is there a direct train? If you still want to keep on visiting things in Paris head here, there are so many interesting things to do in Paris!

For the Sacre-Coeur Basilique

The Louvre museum

A tour on the Seine


Or many more


I hope you enjoyed our trip to Paris! I cannot wait for our next one 😊

Au revoir!!



Deborah - The aquarium was really cool and the flight too.

Joanne Newton - Miss Garcia, you have made my weekend. While I was watching all the wonderful things presented here, there were times when I felt like I was actually there in Barcelona. It just seemed so real. It's a beautiful place. That has made up my mind for me. One day I have to visit Spain, and in particular, Barcelona. Muchas gracias por un maravilloso semana en Barcelona!

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