Thomas Tallis was an English composer who composed English choral music. Many of his compositions are psalms and pieces relating to Lent and Easter. He is considered one of England's greatest composers, and he is honoured for his original voice in English musicianship.

Little is known about the early life of Tallis. He was born in1505. There are suggestions that he was a child of the chapel (boy chorister) of the Chapel Royal, the same singing establishment which he joined as an adult.

Tallis married around 1552, and his wife Joan outlived him by four years. They apparently had no children. Late in his life, he lived in Greenwich, possibly close to the royal palace; tradition holds that he lived on Stockwell Street.

Tallis died in his house in Greenwich in November 1585. He was buried in the chancel of the parish of St Alfege Church, Greenwich



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