We were honoured to be presented with an automated external defibrillator (AED) device.

Last year Rhona, from the organisation Help Save Lives, came in and delivered first aid training for all classes from Reception to Year 6. Children learnt key first aid and life saving skills and developed and understanding of why although AED devices are so important sadly very few schools have one.

The Year 3 class at the time were so concerned about this that they wrote letters trying to convince key organisations to provide one for the school. Rhona has also be championing the cause.

Just over a year later, our letters and prayers were answered. A very kind businessman heard about what Rhona was doing and his company paid for 10 defibrillators to be purchased for schools in Greenwich and St Alfege were top of the list!

We are now in a position to help if someone in school, or a member of the public needs urgent assistance!