Chinese New Year 

Hello everyone, Friday February 12th is the Chinese New Year. 

 Here are some fun activities to try out with your family all about Chinese New Year. 


Do you know what Chinese new year is? 

Find out about Chinese new year by reading some interesting facts.​ 


Watch this interesting story and find out about why Chinese New Year was first celebrated. 


Take a look and see which animal belongs to the year you were born in. 



Watch this fantastic lion and dragon dance. 

Maybe you can recreate some of the dance moves. 


A fun activity to try at home.  

Create your own paper lantern to hang up in your house. 



Have you eaten a stir fry before? 

Make your own easy stir fry at home with this delicious recipe. You can add any meat or fish you want. 


Enjoy a story called 'Dragon Dance' and at the end have a go at saying some of the words in Chinese.​