Project Weeks

During Project Weeks children in Year 1 to Year 6 undertake their learning in History, Geography, Art & Design and Design & Technology through a particular focus which enables them to become fully immersed in their learning. 

Teachers have chosen topics which will broaden children's knowledge and build on previous learning. Some of the topics may also link to other areas of the curriculum such as Science or Computing.

Theme days and visitors play a large part in helping children to immerse themselves in the topic and ultimately ensuring they remember and more importantly, enjoy their learning.


Autumn term focus


  Project Title
Year 1 Terrific Transport
Year 2 Asia
Year 3 Once Upon a Lifetime in Greenwich
Year 4                                        Rampaging Romans
Year 5 Romans Retreat while Savvy Scots and Saxons Settle.   
Year 6 Space, Time and the Royal Observatory