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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5's class page!

If you have any problems, please speak to:

  • Miss Cordrey (Teacher)   
  • Mrs Rausch (Teaching Assistant)


Spring 2 2018 

In Year 5 this half term, we have been extremely busy developing our minds and ensuring that our brains absorb information like sponges!


We have been learning all about decimals, percentages and fractions and their relationship to one another. Although we found this tricky at first, we persevered, and discovered that, if we work together, problems become easier and more solvable. We have been solving realistic problems and learning a little bit about money and bank accounts.


Year 5 have absolutely loved reading 'Skellig.' This book was our whole class text, which means that all of our English work this half term was based around the events in the book. The children have been captivated by the emotional rollercoaster of a story. To say that they have enjoyed it is an understatement. The children have produced lots of amazing writing and are now becoming proud of their own work.

Other Subjects

In CCL this half term, Year 5 have been learning to sew; this has been a challenge, but one that the children have really enjoyed. In Science, the children have been extending their knowledge so that it is out of this world – our topic has revolved around Earth and Space. The children have liked learning about the planets, the Sun and the Moon. In RE, the children have been learning about Lent and Easter – this is something that lots of the children know about, but as a class, we have enjoyed discussing the key aspects of these events. 

Useful information and links

Please could you remember to bring your PE kit on Mondays and your swimming kit on Fridays.  

Reminders on what to bring to school or to be prepared for each day

  • Guided reading books should be brought in on Monday with the signed reading record.  The guided reading book and reading record will be sent home on Wednesdays.
  • The independent reader should be brought into school every day.
  • The PE kit should be brought in on Monday and taken home on Friday.
  • Maths Homework should be returned on a Wednesday and collected on a Friday.
  • Guided Reading Homework should be returned on a Tuesday and collected on a Friday.
  • Spellings are collected on a Wednesday/Thursday and should be returned on the following Tuesday.





How you can help at home



The Lost Thing - Shaun Tan



Short and long sentences for description

Words that augment meaning

Figurative language

Locate other Shaun Tan books in the local library and discuss any similarities and differences.


Identifying grammar features when reading with your child





Naming Angles

Measuring Angles

Accurate Drawings of Shapes

Units of Measurement

Area and Perimeter



Your child should access ttrockstars as often as they can.


Completing Maths Homework sheets


Holy Trinity

Easter in the Modern Anglican Church

Have a discussion around our Christian Value, Kindness.



Research about who and when the Victorians were. Particular focus on Victorian activity in Greenwich


Constructing a Victorian Toy



Life cycles of animals and plants

Dissect a flower using kitchen equipment. Look at it's reproductive elements.


We Are Artists

We Are Architects

Internet safety