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Year 1
Welcome to Year One's page!

The adults that work in year 1 are:

Miss Grace (Teacher)

Miss Page (Teaching Assistant)

In Year 1 we have been very busy! While learning about the story of Jack and the beanstalk, a beanstalk grew in classroom! We all enjoyed learning about this story, particularly when we acted out the story.

 During English we learned a sequel called 'Jim and the Beanstalk.' We re-told the story of Jim and the Beanstalk, and wrote our own sequels such as 'Anna and the Beanstalk.' This term we had our Year 1 class assembly. We enacted the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk,' and read out our stories of 'Jim and the Beanstalk.'

For Religious Education we have been learning about the Easter story. While learning about the Easter story we acted out Palm Sunday. We thought about what some characters would be doing and would be saying. We created our own pictures for the story of Good Friday. Here are some examples above.

Learning in Year 1

Year One learning is a little different from our learning in FS. We still have lots of fun, but we learn about new subjects and we also learn in a range of alternative ways. Here is some useful information that grown-ups may be interested in reading.   

Useful information:

  • Year 1 Timetable
  • Please could you make sure that PE kits are brought into school on a Monday, ready for our PE session on a Monday morning.
  • Reading books and reading records need to be in school on a Monday and a Thursday as they will be checked, changed and written in

Ways to help at home (Autumn Term 1)




How you can help at home





Book: The Naughty Bus



1.How words can combine to make sentences .  2.Separation of words with spaces .

To help prepare the children, take some time to talk about all the different modes of transport that they can think of. Make a list and see how many they can suggest.

The Naughty Bus is a story about a bus that goes on lots of adventures. Help your child to use their imagination and discover where your child would like to go if they had a naughty bus to ride on.   

The following website offers some great sentence games for your child:

BBC Starship English Games





I can count from 0-100.


I can identify one more and one less of a number.


The following websites are full of lots of fun number activities:

More and Less activities:

ICT Games

Snappy Maths

Counting from 0-100 activities:

ICT Games (0-100)





Help your child to understand the idea of God as creator. By reading the creation story:


Ask your child to make a list of the talents they have that help them make God’s world a better place e.g. being a good listener, caring for the environment, being an honest person etc. 




History - Changes within living memory (Transport)

This term in History we will be looking at the ways that transport has changed over the years. To support your child in their learning you may like to take a trip to your local library. Whilst you are there look for transport books and talk about the way in which transport has changed over the years.


Art – Drawing

 We will be spending lots of time looking at developing our drawing skills. This includes our colouring in skills. Why not buy a colouring in book and begin to show your child how they can colour within the lines and also in the same direction. Practising these skills are also great for developing the children’s handwriting.





Animals including humans

Why not take a trip to your local pet shop and discover what type of animals people like to keep as pets. Whilst you are at the shop talk to your child about their favourite animal. Encourage your child to look for information about looking after pets. This could be found in leaflets, or perhaps a conversation with a member of staff at the shop. It would be great to see pictures and leaflets from your trip.