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Reading with your child

Reading should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

  • Reading to your child is one of the best ways you can help your child develop a love of books. 

  • Reading to your child enriches language development by giving your son or daughter many opportunities to hear stories that they may not yet be able to read for themselves.  Making the characters come to life using funny voices (the sillier the better) will make you both laugh!

  • Share a story.  For a younger child, reading a story that has repeated phrases your child can read to you, encourages an enthusiasm for books.  A play, where you can choose parts, is another favourite.

  • Mix it up.  Remember picture books, information books, poetry, comics and magazines are all great ways of adding to the reading experience and prevent boredom.

  • Take a trip to the library.  It costs nothing to register.  In fact, you can register as soon as your child is born!  Make sure you use it regularly.

  • Make a book.  Make it look realistic, with an ISBN  and price tag! Your child will love being an author, especially if they have an audience to read their book to.

  •  Let your child see you reading.  You are a role model for your child.

Make writing at home fun by providing your child with different types of paper, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, plus an exciting and accepting audience ..... You!

  • Encourage your child to write messages, shopping lists, captions for photos, speech bubbles, reminders for you, post-it-notes, thank you cards, get well wishes, labels .... the list is endless.

  •  Longer stories can be written on toilet paper!

  •  Remember that game with folded paper, where each of you writes the next part of the story ....?

  • Include as many high frequency and sight words as you can, in context.  Use every opportunity to write (and read) the words you know your child finds tricky.

Lastly, do let me know if these tips work for you and if you have any other ideas to share. 

Kathy Simpson - Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)