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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

 The Department for Education introduced Pupil Premium as additional funding for schools to enable them to improve the achievement of pupils from poorer backgrounds. Schools receive the additional funding for children in Years 1 - 6 who have been eligible for free school meals within the last six years, and also for children of armed forces personnel, the Service Premium. 

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Pupil Premium 2017

Context for Pupil Premium Allocation 2017-18

 Total number of pupils on roll January 2017 241
 Number of pupils benefiting from Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) (January 2016 Census) (39%) 94
Initial Pupil Premium funding 2017-18 £129,360
Revised Pupil Premium funding 2017-18 (September 2017) £124,080

Please click HERE for our Pupil Premium Statement 2017

Objectives in spending PPG

  • To narrow the gap in terms of attainment for children in receipt of FSM. 
  • To accelerate progress for children in receipt of FSM.
  • To enhance life experience of children in receipt of FSM.
  • To raise self-esteem and self-confidence of children in receipt of FSM.


Breakdown of Pupil Premium Allocation for 2016-17

 Pupil Premium Grant Allocated to School 2016-17 (revised allocation)     £129,360
 CAHMS £2,600
 Funding for extended clubs £9,354
 School Journey and other trips £5,000
 Forest school £200
 Speech and language therapy £3,450
 Educational Psychology £700
 Learning Mentors £27,467
 Enrichment Teachers £13,500
 Early Years Training £500
 Funding for Breakfast Club £2,494
 Extra EYP in FS £6,315
Inclusion Team (Deputy Head and Assistant (Inclusion) out of class  £24,524.40
 Teaching Assistants £33,255.36


Attainment of PP children 2017

Attainment of Pupil Premium Pupils in Key Stage 2 (July 2017)

Attainment Percentage at or above expected level - End of KS2 Percentage exceeding expected level - End of KS2
  Pupils eligible for PP at St Alfege (17/30) National ALL PUPILS Pupils eligible for PP at St Alfege National ALL PUPILS
Reading 65% 77% 29% 29%
Writing 82% 81% 18% 21%
Mathematics 82% 80% 12% 27%


Attainment of Pupil Premium Pupils in Key Stage 1 (July 2017) 

 Attainment Percentage at least expected level  - KS1  Percentage exceeding expected level - KS1
   Pupils eligible for PP at St Alfege (11/30)  National ALL PUPILS Pupils eligible for PP at St Alfege  National ALL PUPILS
 Reading  82%  79%  18%  28%
 Writing  82%  72%  27%  18%
 Mathematics  82%  79%  27%  23%




Impact of PPG spending 

How Pupil Premium has been spent Impact
Non-class based Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher gave targeted support to underachieving pupils in core curriculum areas.


Progress of Disadvantaged (PP) only in core areas is better than national averages

Learning Mentor support for children with social and emotional barriers to learning. Pupils make better than expected progress because of their Increased self-awareness, self-esteem and readiness to learn.
Greenwich Explorers gave a group of 8 Pupil Premium children regular opportunities for developing life skills and experiences in the local community. Children developed a range of skills such as map reading, and ordering and paying for goods.
Additional Teaching Assistant support through targeted intervention groups across a range of areas including phonics, reading, writing and mathematics. Accelerated progress in core curriculum areas, and improved self-confidence (see above).
Additional Educational Psychological, CAHMS and Speech and Language Support. Training and support for class teachers and teaching assistants.  Greater understanding of individual's needs and how they can be further supported in school.
Access to extended clubs and school trips.  Range of visits develop knowledge, cultural awareness, and adventurous activities and once in a lifetime opportunities, including residential school trip to Swanage. Opportunities outside the classroom developed skills across all areas of the curriculum, including physical skills and cultural awareness.

Subsidized or free places at Breakfast Club.


Improved engagement with learning from the start of the school day.

For information about Sports Premium, please refer to the PE and Sports Premium section.