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PE & Sports Premium


The school believes that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is vital and unique in its contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional development and health.

The curriculum map for each year group outlines what is taught including a balance of individual, team, co-operative and competitive activities.  In Year 5 children attend weekly swimming lessons at Wavelengths Deptford.  


The school have identified some key areas to use the government’s PE and Sports Premium funding, which for both 2016-17 and 2017-18 was £8,606.  This funding is being used to improve the quality of teaching and learning of PE  and sport in the school and to increase the children's participation in sports. To achieve this, the school has strengthened the leadership of  PE and the PE leader has disseminated the information to other staff.

In addition to developing staff knowledge and expertise in teaching sport and PE, the school has worked with schools in Greenwich and in other boroughs to provide children with competitive sporting opportunities. This year a link has been established between Canary Wharf College (Tower Hamlets) and St Alfege's, which has enabled groups of  children of different years and genders to participate in both football matches and basketball sessions. Due to the success of this partnership, Canary Wharf and St Alfege have been joined by James Wolfe and Morden Mount.  

All four schools have played each other at after school fixtures and three schools participated in a whole year 5 event at Canary Wharf where we played mixed football over three pitches for the entire afternoon (St Alfege's does not have a football pitch).

This successful relationship is due to continue throughout the year with netball and athletics being added to the list of sports to be played.  

St Alfege have also participated in the Greenwich tournaments over the last year.  Both the boys and the girls took part in the Year 6 football tournament and a combined Year 5/6 team enjoyed individual success at the indoor Sporthall Athletics.  In addition, St Alfege School gave a good account of themselves at the U10 Football tournament at Dulwich College in October 2016.  

These events have allowed all the children taking part to display competitiveness, sportsmanship, empathy and friendship.  They have enjoyed each other's company within the sporting setting and those who lack confidence when it comes to physical exercise have found other children in the same position and have not felt intimidated.  One child has developed excellent photographic skills and has been producing a photographic record of the other children's reactions.  Increasing children's confidence is one of the best ways of making physical exercise and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle more accessible to all.

Events in 2017-18:

  • Sports Day (for Key Stage 2) took place in Greenwich Park in June 2017.
  • Sportathon in June 2017 - the school was represented by Year 4.
  • Sports Day (for Key Stage 1) took place in the school playground.

After School Clubs

More physical after school clubs, i.e. table tennis, football, multiskills and martial arts, dance and Marshall Arts, engage more children in regular physical activity.  In 2017 the the introduction of the multiskills club to Key Stage 1 had an impact on the children's gross motor skills before moving into Key Stage 2.

The external sports coaches have had a very big impact on the school.  They have raised the profile of PE and healthy living within the school, providing good quality coaching, equipping the children with fundamental skills which can be applied across a variety of sports.  They have introduced competition within the classes and within the school through lunch-time games.  As positive role models, they have become an essential part of the school family.  They have taken individual children for mentoring, using sports as a tool to access all areas of the curriculum.  The success of  the individual mentoring from the coach has led to the estalishment of a weekly club called Active Ambassadors where 12 children from Key Stage 2 have been selected to improve their self-esteem and ability to make healthy life-style choices.  

Teachers have been able to draw on the skills of the sports coaches to improve their own teaching.  Through the coaches and the Chris Quigley Essentials programme, a curriculum is being developed to ensure that there is sustained progression in the children's PE skills across the school. 

The external sports coaches have also held after school clubs.  In September 2017, 83children took part in 11 clubs.


Physical Development Data December 2017

Children were graded on whether they were Emerging, Developing or Secure. KS1 is based on being able to perform the basic ball skills of rolling, bouncing, throwing and catching. KS2 is based on performing these same skills and applying them in combinations or into a competitive sport such as basketball, benchball, netball or dodgeball. 

 Emerging DevelopingSecure
Year 1  15%62%23%
 Year 2 9%47%44%
 Year 3 9%45%47%
 Year 4 6%21%73%
 Year 5 4%30%66%
 Year 6 3%12%85%

FS2 (Reception)    
July 2017 62% boys and girsl working at age expected levels or above in all areas of physical development.
July 2017  93% girls working at age expected levels or above for physical development


Budget 2016-17

 Intra competition including Sports Day£1,446.00
 Community Sports coach running PE lessons, upskilling teachers and mentoring children £5,574.20
 Intensive swimming programme£1,585.80

Budget 2017-18 

Intra competition including Sports Day  £3,991.84
 Community Sports coach running PE lessons and Active Ambassadors' Club      £7,636.16
 Intensive swimming programme  £2,434.00