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Mathematics is used in all aspects of everyday life and provides tools for many of the practical activities associated with business and commerce, architecture, communication, technology and engineering as well as for the exact sciences.

We aim to;

  • To ensure all pupils are able to calculate and explain their calculations using Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract representations.
  • To develop an enthusiasm for maths that provides a platform for pupil’s deeper exploration
  • To ensure almost all pupils have the opportunity to achieve the end of year objectives as set out in the National Curriculum documentWe teach that National Curriculum as released in 2013. We emphasise the need for all pupils to be fluent and able to reason in mathematical concepts.

 Mathematics Lessons in KS1 and KS2

Children have access to a wide range of concrete resources (including Numicon, Place Value Counters and Base 10) to help deepen their understanding of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Fractions. Within lessons pupils are encouraged to think, discuss and even challenge existing mathematical ideas discovering for themselves which calculation methods are most suitable for each question. Reasoning is at the heart of each lesson with children constantly challenged to explain their thinking and the answer becoming less important than the way it was found. Children at St Alfege are grounded in mathematical vocabulary with staff believing that no relevant mathematical vocabulary is too complex for our pupils to understand.

Please see our calculation policy for Addition and Subtraction that outlines the way pupils learn in a lesson. Calculation Policies for Multiplication and Division, as well as Fractions, are to be released soon.

Mathematics in EYFS

Most of the learning in EYFS is child led self discovery. There is a dedicated Mathematics learning area featuring opportunities to explore counting and shapes but they are also encouraged to discover Mathematics outside and in the role play areas of the classroom. Pupils have around 3 carpet sessions of 30 minutes per week that is exclusively Mathematics learning. They also participate in smaller teacher led groups where the learning is focussed on the needs of the children involved. Pupils are taught using the “Development Matters” as a guide for what they need to achieve.

Times Tables

At St Alfege School we believe that pupils will remember their Times Tables better if they have an understanding of where we get them from. From Year 1 pupils are introduced to the idea of grouping and sharing as a form of understanding multiplication and division and this idea continues up to Year 4.  Pupils in Year 3 upwards are challenged to take this understanding further and become more fluent in their times tables through regular repeated practise. To enable this practise, we use an excellent online resource called “Times Table Rock Stars”


From Year 1 to Year 6 pupils use My Maths to support their learning in class. We believe this online resource is best for our pupils as it helps develop their conceptual understanding as well as providing opportunity for further learning. Pupils from Years 3 to 6 also use Times Table Rock Stars to help them become more fluent in their times tables.






My Maths Tutorial