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Working in Partnership

We believe in working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for our children. 

We feel that home learning is integral to every child’s development. Reading at home, either with an adult or independently for the older pupils, is an essential element in developing children’s reading skills and love of books. From Year 1, children take home spellings and number facts to learn weekly. Children are encouraged to practise the skills they have learned at school through practical activities at home.

We welcome all parents and carers involvement in the school and offer many different opportunities for parents to be involved. Throughout the year we organize a range of events for children and their families to enjoy together.  These include:

  • Coffee mornings for parents focusing on different subjects throughout the year
  • International Day and Evening where children and families share and celebrate their cultural heritage.
  • Curriculum Workshops throughout the year, covering a range of areas to inform and help parents support their children at home.