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Hello and welcome to FS2’s class page!

Welcome to FS2. Here are the names of the adults working in FS2.

Miss O'Donnell (Teacher)

Miss Teagle (Early Years Practitioner)

In FS2 the focus for the children is learning through play. We follow the Early Years curriculum and this involves lots of phonics, writing practice and learning our numbers. We also enjoy a lot of inside and outside activities during our day at school, all contributing towards reaching those early learning goals. Our atmosphere is fun, friendly and caring which makes FS2 a great team to be part of.

The seven areas of learning we focus upon are:

  1. Personal, social and emotional development (PSED)
  2. Communication and language (CT)
  3. Physical Development (PD)
  4. Literacy (L)
  5. Maths (M)
  6. Understanding the world (UW)
  7. Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)



Home/School Links

Here at St. Alfege’s we believe that in order for children to make the best possible progress there needs to be strong links between school and home. Here’s some ways you can help us work with your child to achieve those Early Learning Goals.

  • Read with your child every night in one way or another. If your child struggles to read words to start with then practice reading behaviour e.g. opening a book the right way, following the way the text goes from the left to the right. All of these behaviours will come in useful when your child gains the skills to decipher words
  • Talk, talk and talk. Constantly converse with your children and challenge their vocabulary. Encourage them to find objects which have the same sound e.g. a bear and a ball.
  • Encourage their physical development by getting them outside whenever possible. Greenwich Park is a fantastic area just on our doorstep where you can take the children before or after school for a quick kick about or a running race.
  • Encourage the development of fine motor skills. Activities such as threading or moulding with play dough are simple activities to build up the muscles in your child’s hands getting them ready for pencil grip and control when they move onto writing.
  • Really encourage your child’s imagination whether that be providing them with simple shoeboxes and containers to do junk modelling or allowing them to tell you a story which they have made up. Children learn through the world around them so you may be surprised if you pop up in one of their stories involving dragons and fairies!
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning. If your child feels that you value their education then they will too. Ensure that your child is at school on time and comes prepared for a day of learning. Keep open communication with adults in the classroom so everyone is aware of how best to take care of your child during the school day.